When you choose Blue Knight Security, you’re choosing a full-service security guard company that takes pride in meeting and going beyond the expectations of our Clients by offering outstanding commissioned and non-commissioned security guard services to protect you and your business. Specializing in custom security plans to fit your specific situation and location, our security officers are highly-trained and experienced, with yearly refresher courses and continuous on the job training to ensure our security officers are always “on their toes” for our clients needs.

Because we stand behind our clients to help ensure the utmost in commissioned and non-commissioned security guard protection, we are in constant communication with our clients to ensure full satisfaction at all times (you can reach a live person at any time of the day or night with any questions or concerns).

Not only are you getting a top-notched security guard company, but a company that has a growing reputation for quality, professional and dependable service. The owner is a 16 year military veteran that has served in the United States Air Force, Air National Guard, United States Air Reserve and the United States Army with most of her time spent in the MP (military police) units and officer training. She has achieved many honors, awards and medals which add to her assets of having a Bachelor degree in International Business, General Business and Human Resources. Also having worked as a commissioned and non-commissioned security guard for multiple security companies, she noticed there was something missing in the services being provided and decided to open her own security guard company knowing that she could provide what others only promised.